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Sue [userpic]
"Alone with God"
by Sue (orange_coat)
at July 6th, 2008 (02:28 pm)

Anyone heard of the site www.vocationsplacement.org ? I signed up a few years ago, and now and then I get these great newsletters. Natalie Smith is also a great vocations director to talk to. Here's one of my recent newsletters:

Title: "Alone With God"
At a famous monastery there is a sign saying, “God Alone”. But do you know that a person can be completely separated from the world and still not be “alone” with God? Do you realize that you can be in the hubbub of Life or in the middle of nowhere or in your room with the “door shut” and be “with God alone?” Are you with God now? I mean, are you with your self (Christ living in you)? Do you know your self? Do you stand by Him without ceasing? Can you hear Him inside of you expressing His joys, sadness, confusions, hopes on a moment to moment basis? Do you know Him?
Many saints have said “you know your vocation by knowing your self.” I press the issue because in order to find your vocation you must hear HIM and be brutally honest about what He is saying. Remember the scripture “Depart from me I never knew you.” But yet the person answered back saying, “But didn’t I do great miracles in your name?” So many people I work with are avoiding the responsibility of hearing their own inner Jesus by focusing on other people’s problems. Many are “loving their neighbor “instead” of themselves, NOT “as” themselves.
This is a serious matter, because when we do not show the world that there is something called “vocation” by listening to our own inner Jesus we are fostering hopelessness and failing to be the example to others who are struggling with their own faith. By our entering our vocation we become living examples of the meaning of Life itself and we all know that Life without meaning fosters despair in ourselves and others. By standing firm with Christ within we bring the joy of the “Kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven.” We bring meaning, and happiness, and Life to others starting with ourselves, pouring forth from our own hearts first, as in the image of the Sacred Heart the light (Love) that God pours forth from within our own depths before it can be seen by others. Listen to your heart, your sacred desires
are a map leading to the birth of hope to the world.
Vocation is like a sacrament. Vocation is a “fountainhead of grace” as is baptism or confirmation. Vocation is too often treated as a sacramental. A sacramental offers a reminder: a sacrament offers divine grace to do the impossible. Our vocation makes it evident to the world that there is a God. By our vocation we are a witness to a divine energy that invites us to participate in the birthing of Love in the world, God’s and our world. Through vocation we will do the impossible: like the Blessed Mother getting pregnant without a man or Jesus rising from the dead. There is no doubt to those around us that God has done through us what the height of human effort could not. So also will it be when you are in YOUR vocation.
The world needs to see your witness to the existence of God operating through vocation, whether it be marriage, religious life, or the priesthood. Do not underestimate the hope and Love others are witnessing through your adherence to your own Inner
Jesus. Out of the allegiance to your own inner Jesus you will then be able truly to listen to other’s Inner Jesus through ministry. But in this newsletter I am exhorting you strongly to minister to your self first (your own Inner Jesus) by taking the time thoroughly to discern what your Inner Jesus wants and feels. In completely owning what you want and feel, you are now “identifying” with Christ not simply “imitating” Him. It is then and only then that it is truly no longer you "living but Christ living in you".

Natalie Smith 1-800-221-1807 For more on vocation see:


Natalie Smith and the Vocations Placement Staff

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